Grow your business through strategic actions...make decisions...identify obstacles...take actions.

We can provide you with reliable direction on just about anything from the formation of your new business, to management, to expansion, to financing, to day-to-day operation, to business processes, to employee issues and marketing—in all industries and stages of the business life cycle.

GrowthWheel® is a new business tool for decision making. It offers small business owners and entrepreneurs a way to view their business holistically, get focused, set an agenda, and take definitive steps to grow.

What We Love About GrowthWheel

KOSBE Executive Director, Aundrea Wilcox, says “What I love about GrowthWheel® is that it is not a business plan-writing workshop. It’s not a workshop for that matter. It’s unlike any other training initiative that we have offered before. GrowthWheel® truly puts the business owner in the driver’s seat. This is not your usual talking head small business course. When they are part of a GrowthWheel® WorkGroup, they are working on their business, not just talking about it. I highly recommend GrowthWheel® for existing businesses that want to grow, but feel stuck. If you’ve been in business for at least a year or two, but you haven’t reached one million dollars in sales—this could be the program that finally gets you there. If you are a well-established existing business and you want financial growth, volume growth, market growth, quality growth, product growth, network growth, or income growth—we can help you get the things done that need to get done.”

What Our Clients Are Saying