Local Business Recovery Fund

Regional business organizations and companies have united to support local businesses severely impacted by the COVID Crisis. The group has established the Local Business Recovery Fund that will share monies received through a fundraising effort with grants to small businesses that are found to be in the greatest need.

“Organizations across Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia are doing what they can in a united effort to help save jobs and local businesses in the region,” explains Andy Dietrich who helped organize the fund. “For local businesses that may not qualify for government loans, we want to provide another option to help them get through the crisis and hopefully survive.” “This is a great testament to the effort to bring a regional focus to our area,” says Ken Heath, Executive Director of the Town of Marion, VA’s community development organization.
Grants are intended for local businesses involved in arts, entertainment or recreation, accommodation and food services, retail trade, or the manufacturing sectors.

Businesses can apply for the grants by going to and submit their applications. An allocation committee made up of regional economic development representatives, educators, healthcare professionals, a banker, and a Certified Public Accountant will review the applications and disburse the funds as quickly as funding and applications can be received through the effort.

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