Fusion Youth Initiative

SKYE MCKNIGHT, 40 Under Forty Awardee

"In the forty plus years that I have been in the restaurant business, I have worked with many great chefs and restaurant owners whom I have learned a lot from and admired.It has been my fortune to have come across such a talented and devoted individual who I feel will continue to carry my dreams and passion into the future.Not only is Skyler a self-driven individual, but I also recently learned from her mom that at a very young age, her dream was to become a chef and restaurant owner.To prove it, her mom presented to me a drawing that Skyler made at a tender age displaying her dreams.Since then, her determination and ambition has only grown.

Skyler came to work for me as a hostess, then worked her way up in less than three short years from server, dishwasher, line cook and now kitchen manager.Her road has been paved with hard work, tears and struggles.She has had college experience, unlike me, but like me, she holds strong values for education.That is why I wholeheartedly give my recommendation, because at her very young age of twenty-four, she has made it her goal to inspire, guide, motivate and take action, to reach out to our youth and put her community as part of her priority of self-growth."

—Jaime Joaquin
Co-Owner,Fusion Restaurant