KOSBE Executive Director Aundrea Y. Wilcox Launches Second Book: Superwoman Smarts

March 31, 2015

Kingsport Office of Small Business Development & Entrepreneurship (KOSBE) News Release

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dana Glenn
Administrative & Marketing Coordinator, KOSBE
Kingsport Chamber of Commerce
Ph: (423) 392-8825


KINGSPORT, Tenn. —KOSBE is pleased to announce that Executive Director, Aundrea Y. Wilcox, has launched her second book, Superwoman Smarts: Activating Leadership and Substance. Superwoman Smarts is geared to professional women, and women in business and civic engagement.

The Kingsport Chamber of Commerce will host a public book signing on Tuesday, April 28th, at Uncorked Wine Bar & Cafe, located at 316 Broad Street, Suite 102, Kingsport, Tennessee, from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

When asked why she wrote the book, Wilcox replied: “Too many women are responsible for holding themselves back from achieving the success they deserve, myself included. I wrote this book to heal my own scabs and inspire women in business and professional women of all ages and occupations who have a desire to grow personally. I set out to collect insights from some awesome women that I know (or thought I already knew). What I took away from each interview was a fresh perspective, new information and extremely valuable tips for success. There were more similarities than differences between the women, but the differences were pronounced. This book is all about choices, decisions and actions. I still believe that you can’t have it all, but you can have the things you truly want. I hope this book will help women achieve more success and happiness.”

The book includes interviews of 10 women and one man: Retired Mayor Jeanette Blazier, City of Kingsport; Angela Striligas Baker, Founder and Publisher of VIPSEEN Tri-Cities Magazine; Sue Malone, Owner of Strategies for Small Business; Paul Montgomery, Northeast State Vice President of Access and Development; Brenda White Wright, Motivational Speaker, Trainer, and Diversity Consultant of The Wright Approach; M. Valentina Escobar-Gonzalez, Owner of Beyond Engagement; Denise Kennedy DePriest, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Advisor; Rhonda Gentry, Neil Medical Group Consultant Pharmacist; Ashley Grindstaff, Owner/Corporate Secretary at KIA of Johnson City and Greystoke Inc. Development; Danielle Hall White, Owner of Salon Roche'; Nikki Burdine, Television Journalist at WUSA-TV. Wilcox also shares a letter written to her 21-year-old daughter, Barbara Christine; and the final chapter includes a 21-Day Brand Boot Camp, to help readers execute a 21-day plan of action to build the brand they aspire to have.

Both books are available on Amazon.com/author/aundreawilcox. Wilcox has created a workbook for each book, to facilitate small group discussions and workshops.

Wilcox published her first book, Startup Savvy: Strategies for Optimizing Small Business Survival and Success, in May 2011. Startup Savvy was written primarily for startups, or any business operating less than five years. She is also a contributing author of The Tri-Start Matrix™, which looks at three phases of the successful business start.